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Whether you're visiting virtually or for real... let us show you our Coal Valley! 

Where is the Coal Valley?

In South-East Tasmania, the Coal Valley stretches from the Hobart Airport northward for about 35km (30 minutes drive) including the towns of Cambridge, Richmond Village and Campania.

Being only a 20 minute drive from Hobart, it's a perfect day trip, but there's so much to do, you'll want to stay!


The Coal Valley in a nut shell... 

Nestled in a stunning valley, just outside of Hobart, is a small and vibrant country community. We're premium cool-climate grape growers, wine makers, fruit orchardists, dairy farmers, cheese makers, artisans, hosts, guides, ice-cream scoopers, historians, distillers, makers and doers, and proud caretakers of the traditional land of the Moomairemener people.    

There's a hum about the Coal Valley, we're passionate about what we do, and we want to share it with you.

Let us show you our Coal Valley.


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Whether it's a glass of crisp white wine in the sunshine, or a dram by an open fire, the Coal Valley is a tipplers dream.

We have craft cider and beer, a couple of world renown whisky distilleries and more cool-climate wine than you can poke a stick at.

Some cellar doors encourage you to bring a picnic, while others will tempt you with a fine dining experience. There's a cellar door with wood fired pizza, and plenty that offer just a simple tasting and a yarn. You'll easily fill an afternoon (or a week!)



The Coal Valley has been an important source of food for millennia. Before the British arrived and worked the land for grains and grazing to feed the growing colony in the early 1800s, the Moomairemener people hunted in the valley seasonally. They used fire to encourage native grass regeneration, which fed the kangaroo and emu population well.*

Today we enjoy a huge variety of fresh produce that our Mediterranean-like climate offers. Strawberries, apricots, figs, apples, olives, walnuts, cheese, garlic, spring potatoes, lamb and cherries all thrive on the Moomairemener people's legacy... there's even oysters in the bay!

Luckily for us there are clever chefs and artisanal foodies in the valley making this bounty into incredible things. If you like to eat, you will love the Coal Valley. 


Farm Gates

One of the best experiences you can have in the valley is to visit a farm gate, meet the farmer, and taste THE FRESHEST produce!

There are plenty to choose from, but the seasons are often fleeting and the farm gates are easy to cruise straight past. So take it slowly, look out for handmade signs, get your eye in and you'll be rewarded with the plumpest apricots, the tastiest raspberries or the most delightful bunch of peonies.

And because you've supported a farmer and their family by putting coins straight in their pocket, your heart will be full (as well as your belly!). A win for everyone.  



If you're beginning to think that a day trip to the Coal Valley just wont cut it, you're right. There's so much to do, you'll want to stay a while.

There are plenty of options including authentic farm stays, adorable colonial cottages and B&Bs with views over vines. 

Rest your head, put your feet up and take in the Coal Valley slowly with an overnight stay, or even longer.



In the heart of the Coal Valley, is the historic village of Richmond. The grand Georgian homes and delightful colonial cottages will have you dreaming of a romanic country life for yourself.

Within wandering distance of the village centre are old sandstone inns, the court house and impressive churches. You can visit the convict gaol and cross Australia's oldest bridge still in use. 

In 1803 British explorers discovered coal at the mouth of the river, which gave the river is name. Not long after in 1823, the Richmond bridge was constructed to ease travel from Hobart Town to Port Arthur Penitentiary. Richmond Village then became an important hub for trade and travel by road and sea via nearby Pitt Water.

Come and stand under the enormous the old oaks and elms and imagine life in the 1800s. 



In the Coal Valley you can escape the city for fresh air and big night skies glittering with stars. You can laze about in the sunshine on the perfectly kept lawns by the Coal River. There are farm experiences, short walks, look outs, delightful picnic spots, a zoo and a couple of neat little museums for you to explore.

It's a perfect country escape within minutes of the Hobart Airport.


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* Pridmore, Walter B. Richmond... and the Coal River Valley. Hobart: The Printing Authority of Tasmania, 2003.