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Richmond Village in Autumn

May 3, 2018|1472 Views |0 Comments

P H O T O   S E R I E S  

The seasons in our part of the world are so contrasting, and that’s what I love about living here. The autumn days can be lovely and warm, and just as the sun sets the temperature plummets, the dew sets in, and it’s time to stoke up the fire.

Early British settlers brought deciduous trees to Richmond Village, which reminded them of their homeland. Now we enjoy their legacy. Grand old oaks, elms, chestnuts, crabapples and many others grace the streets and during autumn they put on a spectacular show. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy vicariously (or jump in the car this weekend enjoy it in the real.)

Also, you can check out how other people see autumn in the Coal Valley by visiting our Instagram hashtag #ourcoalvalley here. You can add to our hashtag to if you fancy. We’d love to see your photos of the Coal Valley.

Nat Mendham

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