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Farm gates to visit this autumn

April 5, 2018|3355 Views |0 Comments

The Coal Valley is the perfect place for a road trip this autumn. Soak in the sun behind the windscreen and jump out for brisk walks to scuff through the crunchy leaves.  

There’s heaps going on in the valley at this time of year and some great farm gates to pop into on your drive. Lots of vineyards are releasing their 2017 vintage wines, the leaves are turning brilliant shades of autumn colour, and the crowds of summer have sailed home. 

Pick up a bag of locally grown spuds for roasting, or some figs and honey to make a delicious entree. And there’s more than one valley in Tasmania that produces apples… ahem… we do wine AND apples! What’s not to love.

Click here to get directions for the whole road trip around these autumn Coal Valley farm gates.


•  Open days and times vary due weather and harvest. So check the farm gate’s social media for updated information (or cross your fingers!) 

•  Bring cash and shopping bags or a box.

•  Some farm gates aren’t staffed, so be honest and leave your money in the box.

•  Keep a keen eye out for handmade signs, and turn in with care.

Thank you for supporting local family businesses. 

Nat Mendham

Jump down to… FIGS



These guys are flat out harvesting their figs right now! They are super popular with local restaurants because they are (possibly!) the only fig grower in Tasmania.  They mainly grow Black Genoas, and in the summer you’ll find them selling apricots and peaches in their amazing turf-roof roadside hut. Be sure to check their Facebook page for current information about opening times.



The Long family are passionate bee advocates and educators, and harvest delicious honey! You can taste-test leatherwood, wildflower and clover honey at the farm gate. Don’t forget the whisky for your hot toddies before you leave the Coal Valley! Here’s their Facebook page for more information. 



The ever-changing handmade tin sign currently says ‘Tree Ripened Apples’ and ‘ Pumpkins’. There are 7 varieties of apples and you can get five for $1, and the pumpkins are $2 each. The sign changes every season, sometimes it says garlic or apricots or broccoli. You can find it on Richmond Road, just near Dulcot.


In the summer it’s cherries and apricots (and ice cream!) but in the autumn it’s apples! As well as their farm gate, you can pick up Lowdina’s delicious apples at the Richmond Village Market on Saturdays, and the Farm Gate Market on Sundays. Check out Lowdina’s Facebook page here for more information. 



On the main road through Campania there’s an apple crate full of bags of locally grown potatoes. You can get Kennebecs, Pink Eyes and Dutch Creams in 5kg or 10kg bags. Stock up on local spuds for roasting on cold autumn nights… delicious!


On the corner of Colebrook Road and Fingerpost Road is an adorable farm gate called the Spud Shed. At this time of year it does what it says on the box… and during other seasons you can get all sorts of other things including juicy raspberries that are guaranteed to not last the car ride home! PS. You enter from Fingerpost Road, just over the Coal River.

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