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This is a blog, 
written by some Coal Valley locals.
We’re for the vineyards & farm gates.

The Coal Valley is a premium wine region just minutes from the Hobart Airport in Southern Tasmania, with the popular historic village of Richmond at it’s heart.
The winters are cool and the summers are warm and dry, perfect for growing cool-climate grape varieties, cherries, apricots, walnuts, prime lamb, peonies, olives, figs, oysters, honey, dairy and strawberries for days!

Coal Valley does

Cool-climate wine / craft cider / gin / boutique beer / world-class whisky

Whether it’s a glass of crisp white wine in the sunshine, or a dram by an open fire, the Coal Valley is a tipplers dream.

Some cellar doors encourage you to bring a picnic, while others will tempt you with a fine dining experience. There’s one with wood fired pizza, and plenty that offer a simple tasting and a yarn. You’ll easily fill an afternoon (or a week!)

Coal Valley does

Fresh produce / pick-your-own / farm gates / farmer’s markets

One of the best experiences you can have in the valley is to visit a farm gate, meet the farmer, and taste THE FRESHEST produce!

Take it slowly, look out for handmade signs and you’ll be rewarded with the plumpest apricots, the tastiest cherries or crisp apples in autumn.

Here’s to the
people of the
Coal Valley

Our Coal Valley celebrates the people behind the farm gate. Those who plant, tend, harvest, press, preserve, bottle. They work hard, they take the risks, they cross their fingers in rough weather. They are in the fields, sheds, orchards, rows of vines, commercial kitchens and cellar doors. They make the Coal Valley incredible. 

Meet the Our Coal Valley 

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